PRs Galore

Saturday, September 19 2020 - Dual vs Joliet Central

Pack Wins the Day: Great running from the varsity pack secures victory. Paul DeAvila 2nd, Mike Forbear 3rd, and Cam Mulyk 4th led the team with Jayson Matula and Alex Rojo rounding out the scoring five.


Mats Go Crazy: Jayson Matula ran a 30 second PR, and Henry Matson 36 second lifetime PR. Jayson and Henry were joined by 22 teammates who also PRd. Mike Forbear, Paul DeAvila, Kyle Schick, Cam Mulyk, Tanner Torri, Colin Graefen, Tyler Schick, Julian Porro, Asher Bradley, Patrick Kacena, Diego Herreram Jason Zigmant, Michael Kawa, Luke Konow, Colin Elder, Connor Koukou, Hunter Porn, Aiden Fannin, Raymond Churchill, Nate Weyer, Dylan Ensworth, and Tommy Adelmann.


Frosh/Soph Sweep the Day: The Frosh/Soph crew scored a perfect 15 points, taking the first 7 places in the race thanks to an epic sprint finish from Raymond Churchill!


Barriers Broken: DeAvila broke 16, Mulyk broke 17, Porro and Matson broke 18, Elder, Bradley, Kacena, and Kawa broke 19, Churchill broke 20, Koukou and Fannin break 21.


Team First: The highlight of the meet may have been Paul DeAvila, who had just run a 31 second PR and broken 16 for the first time sprinting to celebrate with his teammates Cam Mulyk and Mike Forbear when he heard that they had also PRd! This is the team, being more excited about the team’s success than your own.


Pictures from the meet: