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Saturday, October 3 2020 - SPC JV Conference Meet

Take Advantage: The guys took advantage of great conditions and a chance to compete to run some great races. 9 of 14 guys ran PRs for the season. Kyle Schick, Julian Porro, Patrick Kacena, Diego Herrera, Jason Zigmant, Neil Lemke, Aiden Fanning, Hunter Porn, and Dylan Ensworth.


Schick Battles Upfront: Kyle Schick battled upfront, he stayed in 4th most of the race and ran a strong last 400 meters to finish 3rd overall just 5 seconds behind the winner.


Broken Barriers: Schick under 17, Zigmant under 19, and Fannin under 20. Always fun with the PR starts with a new number.


Course to Course Improvement: The team ran at OE almost exactly a month ago, for the guys who ran at both races here are their improvements. Schick 18:20-16:55, Matula 18:11-17:23, Henry Matson 19:51-17:39, Colin Graefen 18:48-17:26, Porro 19:07-17:47, Kacena 1958-18:18, Herrera 20:16-19:09, Zigmant 20:10-18:26, Edmondson 20:54-18:47, Porn 23:24-20:24, Nathan Weyer 26:32-23:22.


Up next Plainfield City Championship 10/10

Photos from the meet: