IHSA Sectional Recap

Sunday, November 3 2019 - IHSA Sectionals

The goal going into Sectionals was to run like we belong with the best teams in the area. To be willing to put our nose in there. Times are irrelevant, its about competing.

I was so proud of the ways the guys put there nose in the race. Both Paul DeAvila and Austin Emrath were aggressive from the gun, they got out hard the first half mile and put themselves in a position to run well. Paul really tried to stick with the pack vying for an individual spot to state. He hung with that pack for about 1.25 mile before fading the second half of the race. Austin was slightly more conservative and moved up well the second half, passing 10 or 15 runners in the second half of the race to finish as our top guy.

Ryan Bonomo took a slight shoulder to the chest at the start and it put him a little out of position to start, but he kept his head and moved up beautifully the second half of the race. Ryan had his worst race of the season at Regionals, but I knew Ryan would be ready to bounce back at Sectionals and finishing as our 3 after a rough start shows what type of competitor Ryan is.

Mike Forbear and Cam Mulyk ran shoulder to shoulder last week and did again this week. Cam was able to assert himself the final mile to pull away and finish as our 4th man and was followed closely by Mike to round out our scoring.

Tommy Adelmann was feeling a big under the weather as the race progressed but mustered a strong finish to end his junior campaign.

Aaron Wyckoff sat out Regionals to hopefully be back to full health for Sectionals, unfortunately he was not quite there, but still was willing to put it on the line for his teammates.

The end of the season is always a great time to reflect. Last year we qualified for Sectionals for the first time in 10 years, this year the expectation was to race there again. We did. Now moving forward its to take the next step and run the final week of the season.