IHSA Regional Recap

Saturday, October 26 2019 - IHSA Regional

Last year was a season of firsts, this year has been a year on continuing to build on what has begin to build. Last year we qualified for Sectionals for the first time in 8 years. This year we expected to move on to Sectionals. But, you still have to put the race together on the day. Facing some adversity during the week with injuries and a flu bug spreading through the team we knew we would have to run as one, running for the TEAM.

Austin Emrath who has been our leader all year took off with confidence from the line and brought the guys with him. Without Austin setting the tone the first 600 meters of the race for the team, who knows how this one turns out. Austin positioned himself well throughout the race, unfortunately he faded a bit the final 800 meters but still hung tough to finish as our #2 runner as he was passed in the final meters by sophomore Paul DeAvila. Pauly D got out well but stayed controlled as he moved up through the pack during the race and still brought his trademark sprint finish to finish as our top guy, a big run from a sophomore.


Next in we had two sophomores who ran shoulder to shoulder most of the race. Cam Mulyk had his best race of the year at Regionals. Due to the nature of the team, Cam was not sure if he would be racing today until Thursday, but he certainly capitalized on the opportunity as he finished as our #3, and was followed very closely by Mike Forbear. Mike has been incredibly steady all season. The fact that these two guys ran so close to Paul and Aaron really secured our position to qualify on to Sectionals.

Tommy Adelmann had one of his tougher races last week at Conference. After a few days during the week, Tommy seemed to be back to himself. Tommy bounced back to finish as our number 5 to finish off our scoring at the Regional.

Both Dan Hale and Ryan Bonomo were battling illness the past few days and they both fought hard for their team to finish this race and push back a few finishers from teams we were in tight competition with for the final qualifying spots.

This group has worked so hard this year to move forward as one unit. To qualify on to Sectionals is a great opportunity to take another step for this program. Another week to get stronger, healthier and ready to race again at KLM. See you next week Hinsdale.